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March 2016 Archives

Support for medical malpractice victims in New York

Medical professionals have a duty to provide a certain standard of care to patients. Despite that legal obligation, countless patients are the victims of medical malpractice every year in New York. When medical malpractice occurs and the injuries or damages have left a victim or family with even larger medical bills or altered the quality of life for that victim, those damaged have the right to pursue claims for financial relief in civil court.

A tire flying over a median causes car accident in New York

A car accident caused by any kind of projectile can cause devastating results if that projectile hits another vehicle. Recently on a New York parkway, a tire came off one vehicle and careened over the median and hit another vehicle in the other lane of traffic. The ensuing car accident left two people in the other vehicle injured.

Cab driver charged in fatal car accident on New York street

Good Samaritans report extreme efforts after a tragic incident unfolded. They went to great lengths to help an elderly woman who was hit by a cab as she crossed a New York street. Sadly, the car accident took the life of the woman who was reported to be an accomplished jeweler.


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