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Poor communication is a common cause of medical malpractice

If you or a loved one had a bad experience when being treated at a hospital, damages may have been suffered as a result. The poor treatment that you or your loved one received could have caused financial damages in the form of increased medical bills and lost wages, but it could also have caused unnecessary pain and suffering. Tragically, sometimes medical malpractice can cost lives.

If you believe that the hospital or medical professionals fell short on their duties to provide competent care, it's important that you take appropriate action. By doing so, you will be able to get justice, gain the damages that you deserve, and potentially improve the health care system. The following article is an overview of how poor communication leads to medical malpractice.

Claiming damages for emotional trauma after a car accident

Car accidents can cause more than just physical damages. Those who have been physically injured in a car accident can suffer injuries that affect them for the rest of their lives. However, these people may believe that the emotional injuries they suffered affected them to an even greater extent. Additionally, some car accident victims who were not physically harmed in the accident do report that their lives were altered negatively because of the trauma that they experienced during the event.

If you are suffering emotionally because of the experience that you had in a car accident, you must make a claim to gain the damages that you deserve. This could help you to fund services such as therapy so that you can improve your experience of life.

A delayed diagnosis can affect a patient's prognosis

When people experience pain or other unpleasant symptoms that suggest the existence of an illness, it is common for them to have an instinctive feeling that something is not quite right. When they visit their medical provider, they will likely trust their doctor's opinion completely.

If they get told that they have nothing to worry about, or if they get told that they have a non-serious, benign condition that can be managed through medication, they will have no obvious reason not to believe this diagnosis.

Can antidepressants during pregnancy cause birth injuries?

Going through a pregnancy can be both a joyous and emotional time for most expectant mothers. The hormonal fluctuations during pregnancy can lead to women experiencing a low mood for prolonged amounts of time, and it has been reported that one in four women in the United States will suffer from depression at some point in their pregnancy.

One could presume that pregnant women should take antidepressant medication such as selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs) in order to improve their mental health during this difficult time. However, many studies have detected a link between the use of SSRI antidepressants during pregnancy and birth defects in infants.

The elements needed to make a medical malpractice claim

Having to undergo surgery or another type of medical treatment can be emotionally taxing, even when there are no complications. However, if you had a bad experience when receiving health care, this could have the power to impact your quality of life for a considerable amount of time. This is why many people who are affected by sub-standard medical treatment choose to make a legal claim.

In order to be successful in making a medical malpractice claim, you will need to show that certain elements were present. This can be difficult to do in some cases, especially in complex situations. However, by understanding the key elements needed from the start, you will have a better chance of being successful.

Failure to treat appendicitis can constitute medical malpractice

If you have suffered appendicitis in the past, you will know that it is a very painful and dangerous condition. People of any age can suffer from appendicitis, and, in fact, it is estimated that 5 percent of people in the United States will suffer from it at some point in their lives.

Appendicitis is a treatable condition, and once it has been diagnosed, treatment can begin in the form of an appendectomy. This is a type of surgery that works to remove the appendix. Unfortunately, occasionally appendicitis sufferers are not diagnosed immediately. This leads to prolonged pain and emotional suffering. A delayed diagnosis can also be dangerous, because it can lead to a ruptured appendix.

Inadequate prenatal care could lead to birth injuries

During a woman's pregnancy, she will attend several appointments with her doctor or hospital to monitor the baby's health and progress. This should be managed by the woman's health care provider, and it should be tailored to some extent to the woman's particular situation. For example, studies have shown that there are increased risks for women who are over the age of 35. Additional tests may need to be conducted for older women in order to look out for the health of both the mother and the baby.

The doctors and the hospital have the legal duty to provide adequate care throughout the pregnancy. Unfortunately, complications can occur during delivery, and these complications can lead to birth injuries. While birth injuries are sometimes unavoidable, they can also be due to a failure on the part of the doctors and other health care providers, and it could constitute medical malpractice.

New York City: Bicycle friendly, in a way

It isn't any secret that New York City has some very congested streets. In fact, people can spend hours on their commutes to work and back home if they opt to drive. The alternative is taking public transportation, but this can also be difficult if you have to drive to the station. This is partially due to having to circle around for long times to be able to park your vehicle.

With the impact that vehicles have on the environment, as well as the hassle of driving in the city, many millennials have opted for a different choice -- bicycles. This change in attitude and action is forcing the city to make some changes to improve the safety of bicyclists.

Delayed diagnosis in Long Island shouldn’t be ignored

When you are in pain or suffering physically, it is reasonable to hope that a qualified doctor will be able to get to the root of why you are feeling ill. However, sometimes patients find themselves waiting months or even years before they are able to gain a diagnosis, and therefore seek treatment.

If you experienced the excruciating struggle of waiting a long time to gain a diagnosis of your condition, it is likely that you feel relief but are also wondering why it took your medical providers so long to find the answers. In the excessive amount of time that you were waiting, you were not being treated for your condition, and, as a result, it is likely that the condition has worsened, and you experienced unnecessary suffering.

Off-label drug use in labor endangers both mother and child

Most expectant mothers take time selecting an OB/GYN who is capable of providing top tier care and who agrees with the mother's birthing preferences. Unfortunately, for some expecting mothers, the doctor they chose isn't available when they go into labor. Other times, a doctor you carefully selected and trusted with your health and the life of your infant makes choices for his or her own convenience instead of your safety.

The overuse of medical interventions in labor and delivery can complicate an otherwise natural process, putting both mother and child at risk. Sometimes, the negative outcome is simply the need for surgical delivery. Other times, the consequences can be catastrophic. That is sometimes the case when a doctor administers a drug called misoprostol during labor.


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