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July 2014 Archives

Upstate New York car accident kills 2, injures 1

Car crashes are an unfortunate part of modern life. Sometimes, there is no discernible cause for them. It may appear to be the result of a set of circumstances that, regrettably, added up to a car accident. However, there are plenty of instances in which a person clearly acted negligently to generate the collision. This is what the police have accused a young driver of here in New York, after they say his reckless driving caused an accident that resulted in the deaths of two people?

Fatal accident in New York intersection costs a woman her life

There are some intersections here in New York that are more dangerous than others. They may have a higher rate of car or pedestrian accidents and many Manhattanites know to use caution when they are traveling through one of these areas. Even so, drivers still owe others a duty of reasonable care in approaching these types of intersections, especially if they are aware of the added potential risk. This point is only emphasized by a recent fatal accident after a woman was struck by a vehicle in an intersection that is known to be particularly treacherous.

Rear-end New York car crash takes woman's life

When fatal car accidents occur, families may struggle to understand exactly what happened that took the life of their loved one. It is up to authorities to gather the evidence together and determine exactly what occurred. A recent car crash here in New York has left at least one family with unanswered questions as they mourn their loss.


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