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Fatal accident in New York intersection costs a woman her life

On Behalf of | Jul 15, 2014 | Wrongful Death

There are some intersections here in New York that are more dangerous than others. They may have a higher rate of car or pedestrian accidents and many Manhattanites know to use caution when they are traveling through one of these areas. Even so, drivers still owe others a duty of reasonable care in approaching these types of intersections, especially if they are aware of the added potential risk. This point is only emphasized by a recent fatal accident after a woman was struck by a vehicle in an intersection that is known to be particularly treacherous.

Police say that the accident occurred on a recent late morning when the woman was walking across West End Avenue on the Upper West Side. A driver of an SUV was attempting to make a left turn from West 95th Street apparently hit the woman. Authorities say the victim was dragged by the vehicle for half a block. First responders took her to a local hospital, but she died due to the severity of her injuries.

The man accused of hitting her did not attempt to flee the area, and he submitted to questioning by the police. It has not been disclosed whether he will be charged with any crime. Police have not announced the precise cause for the accident.

Regardless of whether the SUV driver faces any criminal charges, the family of the woman who died may decide to pursue civil litigation against him. Doing so could result in financial restitution that may help them cover unpaid medical expenses, funeral costs or other financial losses that may be connected to the fatal accident. It is tragic that the woman lost her life here in New York in what may be a very dangerous intersection. Hopefully her family will find a way to move on with their lives after such a devastating loss.

Source: New York Post, “Woman dies after being struck at notorious NYC intersection“, Dana Sauchelli, July 10, 2014

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