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March 2014 Archives

Families file lawsuit against GM for defective ignition switch

Prior to rolling out a new make or model of a car or truck, auto makers and manufactures must ensure the vehicle is free of any defective components and safe for consumers. Failure on the part of an auto maker and manufacturer to follow these regulatory measures may result in defective components being used in automobiles which pose a danger to consumers and a threat to public safety.

New York State's Scaffold Law

New York State's Scaffold Law was designed to protect construction workers- and their families - and to keep the public safe. It holds contractors and owners accountable for enforcing work site safety rules and regulations. Unfortunately, some builders, contractors, insurers and other special interests are trying to dodge their responsibilities by pressuring the State Legislature to erode the Scaffold Law. For all of our sakes, state leaders must continue to protect workers and all New Yorkers by keeping the Scaffold Law strong. In fact, the insurance industries proposal is a failed experiment. The State Legislature tested and rejected the concept of holding workers "responsible" for their own safety on elevated construction sites between 1962 and 1969, when the Scaffold Law allowed for contributory negligence defenses. Sadly, it became all too clear to the State Legislature that workers were rendered helpless to protect themselves on job sites. . That is why the attorneys at Gianfortune & Mionis, P.C. will travel to Albany again this year with the New York State Trail Lawyers to educate law makers and ask them to protect worker's safety and protect the "Scaffold Law".

Physician loses his leg and learns what it means to become a victim of medical malpractice

Last Fourth of July, during a day at the beach, Frederick S. Southwick, a professor of medicine at the University of Florida, experienced a sudden pain in his left calf. Two months later, he required an above-the-knee amputation due to medical malpractice.

Dispelling the lies and myths perpetuated by the insurance industry surrounding medical malpractice litigation.

Gianfortune & Mionis is working very hard to dispel the lies and myths perpetuated by the insurance industry surrounding medical malpractice litigation. We are actively involved, fully support and are very proud of the work done by the New York State Trial lawyers Association to educate the public and law makers. See NYSTLA publication "Reduce Medical Malpractice, Not Malpractice Victims' Rights"


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