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New York City: Bicycle friendly, in a way

On Behalf of | Jul 11, 2018 | Firm News

It isn’t any secret that New York City has some very congested streets. In fact, people can spend hours on their commutes to work and back home if they opt to drive. The alternative is taking public transportation, but this can also be difficult if you have to drive to the station. This is partially due to having to circle around for long times to be able to park your vehicle.

With the impact that vehicles have on the environment, as well as the hassle of driving in the city, many millennials have opted for a different choice — bicycles. This change in attitude and action is forcing the city to make some changes to improve the safety of bicyclists.

Improvements to infrastructure

One of the primary changes you will notice around the city is that there are more bicycle lanes being made. These provide a safer place for bicyclists to ride, but they aren’t without risks. Riders in these lanes might still fall victim to accidents like dooring, which can be very serious.

Another change that is still in process is an increase in bike sharing programs. These allow a person to rent a bicycle for an hourly rate. They can pick up the bike at one location and return it at another, which eliminates the problem of trying to find somewhere to park the bike.

Drivers must pay attention

Drivers not being attentive when they are behind the wheel is a big danger to bicyclists. In order to keep these riders safe, drivers need to remember that bikes do have the right of way in many cases. The problem here is that many drivers are very aggressive, often because of having to fight to get where they need to go. There isn’t any reason for a motor vehicle driver to try to push his or her way past a bicyclist when the rider has every right to be on the road.

Even when drivers stop their vehicles to park, they must be careful not to hit bicyclists when they open doors. Entering and leaving parking spaces is also a problem since drivers might have to drive over bicycle lanes.

Ultimately, a bicyclist who is injured by a driver might choose to seek compensation. This can help to cover the financial damages that might occur, but it won’t do anything to lessen the emotional trauma and physical pain that can accompany these crashes.

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