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Drunk driving car accident injures three in New York

On Behalf of | Oct 26, 2016 | Car Accidents

A dramatic accident on Long Island left a car completely split in half, according to police. New York authorities responded to the single-car accident on the night of Oct. 14. While no one suffered life-threatening injuries, the driver believed to be responsible for the accident on account of drunk driving has been arrested and charged. 

The accident report shows that a man was operating a convertible in Rockville Centre when his car collided with another vehicle. The force of the impact was great enough to sheer the other vehicle completely in half, while flipping the convertible onto its roof. Both the man and his 25-year-old female passenger had to be extricated from the vehicle by first responders. 

The driver suffered head and leg injuries while his passenger suffered injuries to her lower leg. The driver of the other vehicle reportedly suffered internal injuries, though the severity of those injuries has not been publicly released. All three individuals were transported to local hospitals. The driver of the convertible has been charged with DWI, driving recklessly and several other traffic-related charges. No court date has yet been announced. 

If the man is found guilty of drunk driving, he could face significant criminal penalties. However, the two injured parties are also allowed under New York state law to file personal injury lawsuits against him in a civil court setting. While the injuries the victims suffered in the car accident are thankfully not life threatening, they can still cause long-term problems, including loss of wages due to time off work. 

Source: NBC New York, “Car Split in Half After Drunk Driver Crashes Mercedes-Benz into Mazda, All Survive“, Oct. 15, 2016

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