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Fatal accident takes life of baby in New York

On Behalf of | Jun 21, 2016 | Wrongful Death

A stroller is typically designed with many safety features in mind. However, it is in no way a match for a vehicle. Recently in New York, a baby in a stroller became the tragic victim in a fatal accident after the stroller was struck by a car.

While there are certain details that are unclear, it was reported that the baby was 7 months old. The girl was in the stroller, and two people were with her when a car came along. The vehicle hit them, and the child died later at a medical facility.

The two others who were struck by the vehicle needed medical treatment for injuries they suffered. Their injuries were described as non-life threatening. Police had an investigation unit on site to decipher what happened. They have said that no charges have been field against the driver as of now, but did not specifically rule out the possibility of charges.

A tragic fatal accident such this will undoubtedly create an unfathomable emotional void in a family, one from which they may never fully recover. It may have also created a financial burden as that family struggles to move forward from the loss of a child. In New York, the surviving family members of a fatal accident victim may pursue a wrongful death lawsuit in civil court if there are certain circumstances involved, namely evidence of negligence on the part of another. A successfully navigated suit such as this can help families alleviate the financial burden an unexpected death may have caused.


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