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New York car accident wreaks havoc on Long Island Expressway

On Behalf of | May 24, 2016 | Car Accidents

Details of a recent motor vehicle crash are still unclear. The car accident led to the closure of the Long Island Expressway for hours as investigators tried to decipher exactly what happened. The Old Westbury crash proved to be fatal for one person and left another injured.

The New York accident happened at around 11 p.m., and the road was reopened the next morning. According to video from the scene, three cars were involved. An SUV and a sedan were described as crumpled, and another car was in the median of the roadway.

Witnesses have said that, after an initial crash, one of the drivers got out of a vehicle to assess damages. That person was hit by another vehicle, and another person was also injured. Further details were not reported.

Once an investigation into this car accident is completed, New York authorities may be able to pinpoint some level of culpability. It is possible that one or more parties to the crash could face criminal charges. Separately, if the gathered evidence suggests negligence or recklessness that is deemed to have caused the death and/or injuries suffered, that party may face claims for monetary damages in a New York civil court. The family of the deceased victim could file a wrongful death lawsuit while the injured passenger could proceed by way of a claim for personal injuries. In either circumstance, financial liability must be established by appropriate evidence before a court will entertain pleas for specific items of monetary damages.

Source: CBS New York, “Long Island Expressway Crash Leaves 1 Dead, Another Hurt In Old Westbury“, May 24, 2016

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