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Man faces charges after fatal accident in New York

On Behalf of | Dec 29, 2015 | Wrongful Death

The act of crossing the street at an intersection in the city should be safe for all to do; however, that is not always the case on the busy streets of New York, unfortunately. A fatal accident recently took the life of an elderly woman. The 77-year-old was tragically killed as she walked across the city street at an intersection in Brooklyn, New York.

The accident occurred on a Thursday afternoon. A 23-year-old man was driving a Ford as he came to an intersection. He attempted to make a left hand turn at the intersection. As he did so, he struck the elderly woman as she crossed the street.

The woman was unresponsive and unconscious after being struck. She was taken to a nearby hospital for treatment of her injuries, although the specifics of her injuries were not reported. Despite medical transport to a hospital, the woman died as a result of the accident. The driver who hit her was charged with failure to yield and failure to exercise due care.

The charges the driver faces may help prove culpability if the family of the elderly woman wishes to pursue a wrongful death suit as they deal with the emotional and financial strain the fatal accident most likely caused. For families left behind, medical bills, the effect of lost wages, and funeral costs can all make the loss of a loved one all the more tragic and more difficult from which to move forward. A successful suit in a New York civil court can help those families deal with the unexpected financial hardship and begin to heal.

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