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Multi-vehicle car accident injures man in New York

On Behalf of | Oct 19, 2015 | Car Accidents

Icy highway conditions can lead to multi-vehicle collisions any time of day or night, which are extremely dangerous for all involved. A man recently sustained critical injuries in a multi-vehicle car accident on a major New York highway. The man was outside of his vehicle at the time of the pile-up.

The chain-reaction crash was reported to involve 11 cars and trucks in the southbound lanes of I-81. The beginning of the incident may have involved a cab, according to authorities who are investigating the scene and cause of the accident. The man was outside of his vehicle when be become caught in the middle of the accident, although it is unclear why he was outside of his vehicle at that time. He was found pinned underneath a vehicle.

The victim suffered serious head injuries. He was rushed to a medical facility for treatment. The roads were said to be icy at the time of the crash. The accident led to a road closure of the southbound lanes of the highway for several hours.

Investigators may take a while to piece together exactly what and who may have caused this car accident. Once they can pinpoint a culpable party or find the exact cause of the car accident, the injured man may have options for legal action in a New York civil court. If the man pursues a personal injury suit and is successful, that injured victim may be able to garner a monetary settlement which could help him deal with medical bills, lost wages or other expenses related to the car accident.

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