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Several injured, driver dead in New York car crash

On Behalf of | Jun 30, 2015 | Car Accidents

While any kind of accident can be devastating, a chain reaction and multi-vehicle car accident can be particularly disastrous for others on the roadway. A man in New York recently caused a car crash that set off a chain reaction that injured others. That man also lost his life in the car accident.

The accident began as a man tried to squeeze his car between two others that were stopped at a red light. In the process, he hit a Nissan and caused the rear wheel to shear off the vehicle. The cars hit were reportedly launched into the intersection where they were hit by a Ford Taurus. In all, there were four vehicles involved in the melee.

Witnesses report the car may have been traveling at speeds of at least 80 miles per hour. The 54-year-old man who caused the accident was rushed to a medical facility but died afterwards. Six other people and a passenger in the car that caused the accident were all transported to a medical facility. There were no specifics given as to the nature of their injuries other than to say they were in stable condition.

Although the driver who caused this New York City car crash died from the incident, those who were injured can still seek damages in a civil court. They may be able to seek damages from the estate of the deceased, culpable driver and garner monetary damages. Those monetary damages may prove beneficial as those injured parties deal with lost wages, medical bills or other expenses related to being the victims of such a severe car crash.

Source:, “4 cars crash, killing driver, injuring 7 in upper Manhattan“, Ryan Sit, June 28, 2015

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