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Accident may open door to wrongful death suit

On Behalf of | Dec 3, 2014 | Wrongful Death

Pedestrians have to share the road with vehicles everywhere. There are very clear rules and laws pertaining to how cars are to look for and react to pedestrians on the road. Despite those rules of the road, every year, pedestrians become involved in accidents. When a pedestrian is hit and killed on a New York roadway, there may be cause for a family or loved one to pursue a wrongful death suit against a driver who took the life of that pedestrian.

In a recent incident in Argyle, New York, two pedestrians were the victims of being hit by a car while they were on the road. The accident happened on a Monday night. The incident caused a portion of the roadway to be closed.

Both of the female victims were transported from the scene to a medical facility. One of the victims was pronounced dead at the facility. The other woman suffered unspecified injuries and was reported to be in stable condition. According to reports, the driver who hit them was in the process of passing another car when the accident occurred. There is still an ongoing investigation into the accident.

When a family loses a loved one under these circumstances, a wrongful death claim in a New York civil suit may be one way to pursue damages that could help the family left behind. A death of a loved one unexpectedly from an accident can lead to overwhelming medical bills and funeral costs that can also be staggering. With a successful wrongful death suit, the damages awarded may alleviate that burden and help the family deal with any other expenses and loses related to the accident.

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