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Victims of a motor vehicle accident in New York deserve justice

On Behalf of | Oct 21, 2014 | Car Accidents

People in New York who are the victims of car crashes may not know what to do after one has occurred. Not only the stress of the situation, but an uncertainty of the best way to proceed can cause victims to not act in their best interests. Here at Gianfortune & Mionis, PC, we are committed to assisting those who have been hurt in a motor vehicle accident and their families. We want to help ensure that they are treated fairly after an incident happens and that they receive needed financial remuneration for their injuries.

Even though car accidents are not an uncommon experience, that does not mean that victims are any less entitled to justice. Our team is experienced in handling matters that may be confusing to those who are unused to doing so, such as dealing with an insurance company or the person who is deemed to have been at fault for the crash. We investigate the collision thoroughly so as to prepare the most effective legal strategy possible and facilitate the best potential outcome.

Those who are involved in motor vehicle accidents here in New York can help themselves by taking the following actions:

  • record names and contact information of all witnesses to the event
  • take photos of damage done to the vehicles
  • file a police report and write down the name of the responding officer
  • get medical attention for anyone injured

We know that these measures are not always possible to complete, but they can be effective when they are able to be used.

We are prepared to advise at all stages of a person’s legal claim pertaining to a motor vehicle accident. Those who have any doubts about their personal circumstances may find answers on our webpage about motor vehicle accidents. Our team at Gianfortune & Mionis, PC believes you and your family deserve fair treatment and our attorneys fight for victims’ rights.

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