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Teenage passenger dies in fatal accident in New York

When a driver agrees to take passengers in a vehicle, that driver has a legal responsibility to ensure the safety of those passengers. If a passenger is injured, or worse, as a result of the recklessness, carelessness or negligence of a driver, the passenger, or the family of the passenger, may have legal cause to pursue a civil action against the driver. One recent fatal accident in New York may very well fall under the legal realm of wrongful death.

Woman arrested after fatal accident in New York

Depending on the circumstances, crossing the street can be treacherous endeavor. However, if everyone abides by the rules of the road, there may be minimal chance of an accident. One recent incident in New York proved to be a fatal accident after a pedestrian was struck by a vehicle. The woman behind the wheel now faces criminal charges related to the accident.

Man charged after fatal accident in New York

Being aware of the actions and driving patterns of others is one way to stay safe on the road. However, when other drivers are acting in a reckless or illegal manner, no amount of vigilance will keep other drivers and passengers safe. A recent fatal accident in New York made news as one driver now faces serious criminal consequences for his apparent role in the crash.

Fatal accident takes life of man visiting New York family

Walking along the roadway can be inherently dangerous, particularly at night. Both drivers and pedestrians must be alert for any potential problems and be aware of their surroundings at all time. If an accident occurs, a pedestrian can be critically injured or worse as he or she is no match for a moving vehicle. A man recently visiting family New York became the victim of fatal accident after he was hit by a passing car.

Fatal accident takes life of woman visiting New York

In large metropolitan areas, bikes are a common site. In fact, bike lanes serve to ensure bikes, vehicles, drivers and pedestrians are all safe from harm and injury. However, when a bike is ridden in the roadway or in the wrong lane, an accident can occur. Recently in New York, a woman was struck and became the victim of a fatal accident in the street.

Fatal accident in New York intersection costs a woman her life

There are some intersections here in New York that are more dangerous than others. They may have a higher rate of car or pedestrian accidents and many Manhattanites know to use caution when they are traveling through one of these areas. Even so, drivers still owe others a duty of reasonable care in approaching these types of intersections, especially if they are aware of the added potential risk. This point is only emphasized by a recent fatal accident after a woman was struck by a vehicle in an intersection that is known to be particularly treacherous.


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