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Unusual car crash leaves several injured in New York

Most people assume they are safe from involvement in any type of car accident while in a store or other place of business. For customers of a New York store, being inside the establishment and off the streets was not enough to shield them from becoming embroiled in a car crash. While the customers were shopping, a vehicle came crashing through the Flushing business.

Family sues after fatal commuter train and car accident

The fatal crash between a car and a commuter train drew national attention and also backlash against one of the victims -- the woman whose car was hit by the train. That woman's family is now pursuing legal action against the railroad company. The family contends it was the MTA, and not their family member, who was to blame for the fatal New York car accident that took her life and the lives of several train passengers.

Chaotic scene reported at site of New York car accident

A rental truck, car and a school bus were all recently involved in an accident, creating a hectic scene on the streets of New York. The car accident led to many being transported to hospitals as police worked to reconstruct the multi-vehicle car accident. According to reports, the tragic scene unfolded due to the actions taken by a rental truck driver.

It is important to know what to do after a car accident

No one goes about his or her day expecting to be involved in a car accident. However, even though you can't predict when you may be involved in a car accident, you can be prepared for what to do in the unfortunate event that you are embroiled in one. New York residents may want to be aware of the following tips and pieces of advice about what to do immediately after a car accident occurs.

Deadly New York car accident being investigated by authorities

Whenever there is a collision on the road, the police may need to investigate the scene to determine exactly what happened and who or what was responsible for the crash. One recent car accident in New York is being investigated after the injuries turned fatal for one of the two people involved. The two-car accident happened on a road in Oswego County, New York.

A personal injury car accident case in New York has various parts

No court case, criminal or civil, may be as cut and dried as people may initially believe. Any case, even one that is seemingly simple, can grow more complicated as it unfolds. Anyone in New York who feels they may need to pursue a personal injury complaint after a car accident will want be aware of the components of a case and how those components may affect how that case unfolds.

Car accident in midtown New York City leaves several injured

Whenever people are on the city sidewalks and shopping this time of year, there may be a great deal of activity swirling around. When a car careens onto that sidewalk during the busy holiday shopping season, people may be injured or worse. A recent car accident in New York left shoppers injured and resulted in the driver being arrested for a number of charges.

Positive steps can help after a car accident case in New York

Whenever a car accident occurs, it can be difficult for people to think straight, much less take steps to secure a fair and just settlement for any damages or injuries. If a car accident victim knows the proper steps and what kind of legal help to secure after an accident, the chances of a fair settlement may be increased. New York accident victims can take certain steps on their own, before securing legal help, to increase the likelihood of a fair settlement overall.

Man hit car accident in New York is injured

Walking across the road or a busy street anywhere can be a potentially dangerous endeavor. Whenever a person ventures onto the streets of New York City, they may be putting themselves at risk of being involved in a car accident. One man recently ended up with critical injuries after he was struck by a car crossing the street in the city.

Victims of a motor vehicle accident in New York deserve justice

People in New York who are the victims of car crashes may not know what to do after one has occurred. Not only the stress of the situation, but an uncertainty of the best way to proceed can cause victims to not act in their best interests. Here at Gianfortune & Mionis, PC, we are committed to assisting those who have been hurt in a motor vehicle accident and their families. We want to help ensure that they are treated fairly after an incident happens and that they receive needed financial remuneration for their injuries.


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