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Posts tagged "Brain Injury"

Traumatic brain injury can potentially be permanent and costly

Business owners in New York and across the nation are responsible for maintaining the safety of their premises for the public. While even the most minor preventable injuries are unacceptable, sometimes such accidents can have serious or even fatal consequences. In a case in a nearby state, the woman thankfully was not killed but did suffer a traumatic brain injury.

New York teen awarded $3.3 million after brain injury

A New York man has been awarded $3.3 million in a court case after suffering severe head trauma as a teen. The now 22-year-old suffered a brain injury as a teenager while clearing trees for his neighbor's construction company. Seven years later, a State Supreme Court jury has delivered a verdict in his favor.

New York school's reported failure results in brain injury

A heart attack perhaps could not have been avoided, but the far more extensive medical trauma suffered by a New York assistant principal might have been. The Queens man could have been helped in the first critical minutes following his heart attack. Unfortunately, school administrators violated state law when they neglected to dispatch properly trained staff who could have come to his aid, possibly preventing the resulting brain injury.

New York construction sites can be the scene of brain injury

Any construction site, regardless of how closely safety standards are followed, can be the scene of a tragic accident that leads to injuries. When a construction site accident has led to a traumatic brain injury, injured parties and their families should be aware of steps to take in order to ensure that the injured party is cared for in terms of a fair settlement. New York brain injury cases can be devastating for families, but the following tips may help those families move forward after a brain injury has occurred.

New warnings for infants born with brain injury related to birth

New York readers may be familiar with the newly released report regarding brain injury in infants. The report specifically focuses on injuries that occur during the birth process. Brain injury during the birth process is tragic, yet it does happen on occasion. Some of these cases could be related to a stroke that occurs during birth, oxygen deprivation or a myriad of other reasons.


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