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Products Liability Archives

Toxic solution in orange juice leads to products liability suit

When New York parents rely on school-provided lunches for their children, their concerns are likely things like cost or nutrition. One aspect that probably doesn't even cross their minds is whether the contents of that lunch might be hazardous or toxic. A products liability suit in another state might cause some parents to start second-guessing this.

Products liability suit after e-cig batteries cause severe burns

While some guidelines have been established in New York and around the country regarding vaping in public areas, little research or regulation has been done regarding the safety of the e-cigarette devices themselves. Frighteningly, more and more complaints regarding e-cigarette accidents are surfacing. In another state, a couple recently filed a products liability lawsuit over an accident involving exploding e-cig batteries that resulted in severe injuries to the husband.

A toy shouldn't be a dangerous product for New York families

When parents purchase toys for their children, they trust that they are safe. What they may not know is that it can be difficult to make such a guarantee. For many reasons, unsafe toys may be on retailers' shelves, for many years -- even after problems have been reported, recalls have been issued and even some children have died. Parents in New York might not think of a toy as a dangerous product, but they deserve to know the possible risks.

What legal options exist for New York products liability claims?

When a consumer is injured due to a defect in a product, multiple parties may be held responsible. Anyone in the supply chain for the defective product may be held liable, including the manufacturer, wholesaler and/or retail store where it was purchased. In New York, products liability claims are pursued in an effort to achieve financial relief for an injured party, though many consumers may not understand their full range of options.

Families file lawsuit against GM for defective ignition switch

Prior to rolling out a new make or model of a car or truck, auto makers and manufactures must ensure the vehicle is free of any defective components and safe for consumers. Failure on the part of an auto maker and manufacturer to follow these regulatory measures may result in defective components being used in automobiles which pose a danger to consumers and a threat to public safety.


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